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Terms of Use for images from the Online Galleries of the History of Science Collections

Consistent with our role as a special collection of rare books in a major public university committed to a teaching and research mission, the History of Science Collections of the University of Oklahoma Libraries (“HOS”) is pleased to grant permission for non-exclusive, global, media neutral use of our digitized images of public domain images without charge, for non-commercial personal, research, and study purposes only. Permission to use images is not an authorization to publish. By using the images, User agrees to the following conditions:

  • Let us know of the use of any image(s) in any print or electronic media.
  • If an image is intended for use in a print or electronic publication, User agrees to secure the HOS’s permission in advance (contact the Curator,, and recognizes that permission to publish does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights that HOS may have in the objects or images. Generally, no more than 5 pages or 5% (whichever comes first) of any book or manuscript may be reproduced by facsimile or transcription, in any print or online publication.
  • If permission is granted, User will include the following attribution statement: “Image(s) courtesy History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries.” Please note the exact phrasing of our name as “Collections,” plural, not “Collection”; and “Oklahoma Libraries,” not simply OU.
  • If permission is granted, User agrees to send a complimentary copy of the published work (printed work or ebook or other electronic media) to: History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma, 401 W. Brooks, Rm. 521, Norman, OK 73019-0528 (small, drm-free e-book files may be emailed to the Curator,

Nothing shall be construed as granting authorized users or any third party any interest in or to the images or the content they contain. All rights in and to the images and content that are not in the public domain are expressly reserved by HOS.

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