Chemistry: From Alchemy to Radioactivity

OU Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
A new exhibit in the lobby of the History of Science Collections opens today: Chemistry: From Alchemy to Radioactivity .

This exhibit recognizes the University of Oklahoma Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering as part of the University’s celebration of The International Year of Chemistry, 2011.

Featured items include first editions and rare works by Marie Curie, Georg Agricola, Robert Fludd, Geber, Robert Boyle, Antoine Lavoisier, John Dalton, Amadeo Avogadro, Dmitrii Mendeleev, and others, including items related to alchemy, chemistry and chemical engineering.

For more information about the books on display, pick up a brochure when you enter the Collections, or download the brochure here. (Instructors: consider bringing your students to see the exhibit and use the brochure as a self-guided tour.)

Chemistry Exhibit Brochure

Want help examining the items on display more closely? Try the “Take Another Look” scavenger hunt. Go through the exhibit once with the brochure, then go through it again, taking a second look to complete the scavenger hunt. It probably takes about half an hour to complete. We hope it will be useful as an optional, extra-credit assignment for some classes. Download the scavenger hunt here. (Instructors: contact the Curator for a key.)

Chemistry Exhibit Scavenger Hunt

Look for additional exhibit-related posts to appear on this blog over the next several weeks, beginning with yesterday’s post about Robert Bunsen and next Monday’s post about Marie Curie.

No appointment is necessary to view the exhibit. It will be available through the end of the semester. The exhibit is open during the regular hours of the History of Science Collections, which is located on the 5th floor of Bizzell Library. For accommodations on the basis of disability, call 405/325-2741.

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