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“Libraries were never warehouses of books. They have been and always will be centers of learning. Their central position in the world of learning makes them ideally suited to mediate between the printed and the digital modes of communication.” – Robert Darnton, The Case for Books: Past, Present, and Future

Source: Thomas H. Benton, Marian the Cybrarian, The Chronicle of Higher Education 5/20/2010.

Olaus Worm, Museum Wormianum

The holidays are often hectic, but with the change in pace that accompanies them, we may find unsuspected opportunities for reflection. If you are looking for some food for thought, Benton’s essay and Darnton’s book are well worth re-reading.

I do have a personal request, if you would take time to consider how the Collections might better serve as a “center of learning” for your own work. I would be delighted to receive a personal note from you describing any way that the History of Science Collections has helped you this past year, and also to hear your suggestions for how we might improve our service to you in 2012. What could we do better? How might we better assist you in your research, teaching, and academic program support? Be as specific or as general as you wish; any kind of feedback will be helpful to us.

This blog is one small part of our efforts to provide improved service; thank you for following it in 2011. Are there any posts that you particularly appreciated? What kinds of posts would you like to see made here in 2012?

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Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

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