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Two online guides for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, prepared by Librarian JoAnn Palmeri, are now available on the OU library website:

About the Guides

The main purpose of these guides is to support research and teaching in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine at OU. The content of each guide is summarized on its opening page.

The “Guide to Searching” provides basic instruction on how to use the OU library website to find materials useful for research and study in HSTM. It includes tips on using the online catalog, finding books and journals, and searching for primary and secondary sources in OU’s many databases.

The “Guide to Resources” provides catalog links to key resources in the field, including reference materials, introductory works, notable series, and primary sources. The different sections of this guide showcase the variety of materials available for research and study in the field. These materials serve as an introduction to the field for newcomers and a foundation for ongoing study for all levels of researchers. For the most part, items listed in the pages of this guide are books held in the History of Science Collections, Bizzell and other OU libraries, or books accessible through OU’s databases. A separate internet page illustrates the range of online sources available beyond OU.

Scope of the Guides
Beyond showcasing examples of core resources, important critical editions, and classic texts, these guides include tips on the use of particular types of resources (for example, reference works), and include strategies for searching for specific materials (for example, works by scientists).

Sections of the two guides are listed below to highlight features undergraduates may find useful:

Guide to Searching:

1. “Finding and Borrowing Books Beyond OU – Worldcat & ILL

2. “Selecting Databases to find Articles (Secondary Sources)” and “Selecting Databases to find Historical Materials (Primary Sources)”

3. “Catalog Search tips – Limit Your Search by Location, Date, or Format

4. “eJournals for HSTM Research – A Select List

Guide to Resources:

5. “Researching with Reference Works

6. “Bibliographies of the Secondary Literature

7. “Primary Sources – Scientists’ Writings

Sample pages from the “Guide to Resources” are listed below to illustrate the range of materials it includes.

1. Page featuring award-winning books

2. Page featuring notable and advanced series

3. Page featuring microform holdings related to HSTM

4. Page featuring primary source readers

5. Page featuring guides to finding primary sources

6. Page featuring information about HSTM and History disciplines, including links to the Isis Focus section and thematic readers.

7. OUhos.org page includes section with links to History of Science Collections blog and posts for items such as incunabula, manuscripts, and the online galleries.

Other OU Guides
Keep in mind that other guides are available on the Guides home page of the OU Libraries website. Links to many of these guides are included in the two History of Science Guides. The History and Related Areas guides created by Laurie Scrivener (History and Area Studies Librarian) are likely to be particularly useful to you.

Suggestions Welcome
Please contact JoAnn Palmeri: I welcome suggestions that would make theses guides more helpful in the support of research and teaching in HSTM at OU. In particular, your ideas and contributions to the creation of topical research guides and class-specific guides would be most welcome. Please see me to discuss this if you are interested in collaborating on such guides.

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