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Galileo's World

If you have been hearing about OU Library’s new approach to exhibitions, or about the Galileo’s World exhibition that will open in August, 2015, we invite you to become involved. Plans are still in a very early stage, and you can watch this blog for announcements and further information as the scope and shape of the project become more clear.

We have created an email listserv to coordinate development and foster communication about the Galileo’s World exhibition. To subscribe, go to and search for “Galileo-L”. Then click the subscribe button on the website, and confirm it by replying to an automated email message.

By subscribing to the Galileo-L listserv, you will be kept informed of exhibit developments as our plans come together. For example, we will link to digital resource prototypes as they are being produced for your feedback and discussion. The listserv will be far more than just a venue for us to make announcements, however: it’s a virtual commons in which we invite you to participate in the exhibit development process from the ground up, to suggest ideas and work with other collaborators to see those ideas come to reality. For example, we invite educators to join with us in developing lesson plans and exhibit-related activities. We invite astronomers and amateur astronomers to join with us in planning exhibit-related activities. And it’s not just for scientists: we invite musicians, artists, engineers, philosophers and lovers of literature to get involved as well. The exhibition will provide active-learning pedagogical opportunities for university classes and area school groups from across a broad spectrum of the natural sciences and humanities, including physics, astronomy, science and music, science and art, science and religion, science and literature, manuscripts and printing, meteorology, geology, botany, zoology, microscopy, all branches of engineering, and mathematics. No matter what your field of study, or area of expertise, we believe you will find connections with the Galileo’s World exhibition. So if you’re interested in working with us to prepare for the Galileo’s World exhibit in 2015-16, come share and discuss your ideas on the Galileo-L listserv.

Watch this blog for future announcements regarding Galileo’s World.


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