Tips for students meeting in the Harlow Room

Are you looking for your history of science class in the library? Is it held in the History of Science Collections? Here are some things you should know:

1. The History of Science Collections are located in Bizzell Library (BL), room 521. Click “Contact us” in the nav bar above for directions.

2. Your class will be held in the Harlow Room and/or in the Exhibit Hall, which are located inside the History of Science Collections (BL 516). When you step off the elevator on the Library’s 5th floor, the entrance to the Collections will be on your left. Ring the door bell and the attendant at the front desk will release the lock to let you in (a buzzer will sound – no worries, it poses no danger and will not electrocute you). Either your instructor will be there in the lobby to meet you, or the attendant will direct you to the Harlow Room and/or Exhibit Hall as necessary. Be prepared to stow your bag or briefcase, and do not bring food or drinks into the Collections. The Harlow Room is a meeting place for classes that frequently use primary sources from the Collections. Take time to browse the rare books on display in the lobby and the Exhibit Hall. They are treasures, often worth more than a house.

3. The History of Science Collections is a secure, world-renowned research center for the history of science. As with any special collection, there are rules and procedures that must be observed. Download a Harlow Room guide to learn about the special procedures and guidelines for instructors and students using the Harlow Room.

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Demand for the Harlow Room is very high. To reserve the Harlow Room or schedule a special event, see the Harlow Room Logistics page.

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