Historic texts in Geology: ePubs by Robert Cody

Now you can take some of the great works of the history of geology with you to the coffeeshop!

Thanks to the generous and meticulous work of sedimentary geochemist Robert D. Cody, a series of historic texts in geology are being made available as enhanced ePubs for your iPad, iPhone, Nook or other e-reading device.

New to ePub? Want instructions on where to find additional ePub texts or how to load them onto your iPad, iPhone, Nook or other e-reader device? See this general e-book overview page.

Listed in alphabetical order by author last name (right-click to download):

  1. D.T. Ansted, Scenery, Science, and Art, being extracts from the Note-books of a Geologist and Mining Engineer (1854). (ePub 6/23/2011).
  2. Robert Bakewell, An Introduction to Geology, 2nd ed. (London, 1815). (ePub 9/29/2010).
  3. Robert Boyle, An Essay about the Origine & Virtues of Gems (London, 1672). (ePub 8/8/2013).
  4. William Buckland, Reliquiae Diluvianae or, Observations on the Organic Remains Contained in Caves, Fissures, and Diluvial Gravel… (London, 1823). (ePub 08/01/2012).
  5. Georges Cuvier, A Discouse on the Revolutions of the Surface of the Globe, trans. Robert Kerr (Edinburgh, 1831)
  6. Charles Darwin, The Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs (London, 1842). (ePub 11/10/2010).
  7. Clarence Dutton, Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon (Washington, 1882). Plates (pdf). Atlas (pdf). (ePub 08/01/2012).
  8. Edward Forbes, Travels through the Alps of Savoy (1845). (ePub 12/10/2010).
  9. James Hall, Four Contributions in Support of Hutton’s Theory of the Earth (1790, 1798, 1812, 1826). (ePub 10/3/2010).
  10. Robert Hooke, Observations on Earthquakes (1705). (ePub 9/19/2011).
  11. James Hutton, Theory of the Earth (Edinburgh, 1788). (ePub 9/29/2010).
  12. Robert Jameson, System of Mineralogy, v3 [Elements of Geognosy] (Edinburgh, 1808). (ePub 7/10/2012).
  13. John Kidd, A Geological Essay on the Imperfect Evidence in Support of a Theory of the Earth (Oxford, 1815). (ePub 7/10/2012).
  14. Richard Kirwan
  15. Charles Lyell
  16. William Maclure, Observations on the Geology of the United States of America (Philadelphia, 1817). (ePub 9/30/2010).
  17. Hugh Miller, Old Red Sandstone (4th American edition, 1851). (ePub 4/4/2011).
  18. John Mitchell, Two Papers on Earthquakes, with Conjectures Upon Earthquakes (1761). (ePub 1/19/2010).
  19. John Murray, A Comparative View of the Huttonian and Neptunian Systems of Geology (Edinburgh, 1802). (ePub 9/29/2010).
  20. William Nicol, Henry Sorby, and N. L. Bowen, Five Contributions to Petrography. (ePub 12/30/2010).
  21. Rembrandt Peale, An Historical Disquisition on the Mammoth, or, Great American Incognitum (London, 1803). (ePub 8/8/2013).
  22. John Playfair, Illustrations of the Huttonian Theory of the Earth (Edinburgh, 1822 reprint of 1802). (ePub 9/29/2010).
  23. George Poulett Scrope, Geology and Extinct Volcanos of Central France (London, 1858). (ePub 4/28/2011).
  24. William Smith, Strata Identified by Organized Fossils (London, 1816). (ePub 9/30/2010).
  25. Nicolaus Steno, Prodromus (1669). (ePub 12/12/2010).
  26. Abraham Gotlob Werner, New Theory of the Formation of Veins (1791); trans. Charles Anderson (Edinburgh, 1809). (ePub 11/09/2010).
  27. (ePubs file directory)

Coming soon: Cody is currently preparing ePub editions of Agricola’s De re metallica (1556) and Darwin’s study of fossil mammals from the Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle.

ePub enhancements
These ePub files are enhanced by Robert Cody. Cody provides a helpful introduction to each author and work. The books also include abundant maps and illustrations, many in color. In some cases, Cody inserts high quality images of plates and maps obtained from the OU History of Science Collections’ online galleries. Cody also embeds fonts to better approximate the small caps of the original papers (and occasionally to accommodate quotations in Greek). He creates hypertext hot links for tables of contents and footnotes. These changes make the books much more accessible and pleasing to use, especially for touch screen e-readers such as the iPad.

Please notify us of errors you encounter as you read these texts. Revised editions will be posted here as corrections are made.

Our heart-felt thanks to Robert Cody for this excellent work that will be of service to many.

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