Galileo’s World: Book Lists

In celebration of OU’s 125th anniversary, Galileo’s World is a series of exhibits, events, and programs at the Bizzell Memorial Library, the Sam Noble Museum, the National Weather Center, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Headington Hall, the Robert M. Bird Health Sciences Library, and the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Library. Starting August 2015 through 2016, Galileo’s World illustrates connections between science, art, literature, music, religion, philosophy, politics, and culture.

Book lists – Galleries

Click any gallery below for a list of objects displayed (author/title/date), placed in exhibition sequence:

Exhibit websiteExhibit Website: The Exhibit Website works on all digital devices. Click the Events tab to follow Galileo’s World opportunities on campus. Click the Location tab to learn where the 20 differently-themed galleries are. Mark favorite items, construct a personalized itinerary, and plan your visits. Jump to digitized versions of the books in the digital library, read their descriptions in the online catalog, and explore further links. The Exhibit Website does not provide lists of authors/titles/dates, nor place them in the exhibition sequence. The captions on the Exhibit Website are written for the casual visitor walking through the exhibit for the first time. For educational use, supplement it with the Exhibit Guide (described next).

iBook Exhibit GuideExhibit Guide: For a comprehensive, free Exhibit Guide offering over 1,000 pages of information and over 6,000 images, search the iBook Store for “Galileo’s World Exhibit Guide.” This Exhibit Guide is the most complete source of content for the Galileo’s World exhibition, designed for educators, group leaders, classes, and individual study beyond the first walk-through. Like the Exhibit Website, this Exhibit Guide interlinks all 20 galleries of the Galileo’s World exhibition for 7 different locations, covering about 350 rare books. Captions are roughly twice as long as at the Exhibit Website. Use the Exhibit Guide to plan pre-visit or post-visit activities, to explore more deeply during a visit, or remotely to enjoy a virtual tour with your feet up in an easy chair. The Exhibit Guide is an enhanced iBook, which works on all Apple devices (Mac and iOS) with the free iBooks app installed.

Open Educational Resources are available at and ShareOK. Formats include “Card sets” and “Learning Leaflets.” The latter are brief learning activities, often extracted or abbreviated from the Exhibit Guide, designed to be useful in a variety of teaching situations. Learning Leaflets contain abbreviated text juxtaposed with intriguing images to provoke reflection and discussion. Each of these OERs are “small pieces loosely joined,” adaptable to support lessons in multiple subject areas and age levels. Each Learning Leaflet consists of a two-page pdf to print front-and-back on a single sheet of paper. They are organized according to seriesgallery, and subject. Use the tags to search through what might be useful to you in your teaching and learning context. Follow the blog to stay up-to-date with OER development.

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Kristina Southwell, Head of Operations; Kerry Magruder, Curator; and JoAnn Palmeri, Librarian
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