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  • Share OK: Digitized books will find their destination in the new repository.
  • Flickr: Select images will be posted on our new Flickr site. These images may relate to special events or curated topics. When the entire work has been digitized, the select images will point to the complete work found in the ShareOK repository.
  • Editions Open Access: Stay tuned for more information about this joint-endeavor between OU Libraries and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin.
  • Digital Collections, History of Science
  • Old Galleries. Our old galleries are now offline. The images are still on the server, but browsing the galleries is no longer working. We are in the process of uploading the images to more robust, modern solutions: Flickr and ShareOK. Because so many blogs and websites display images from the Online Galleries, we will try to keep the images available for a few months longer. Then we recommend linking to the images in ShareOK, their permanent home.
  • Pseudo-Masha’allah, On the Astrolabe, A Critical Edition of the Latin Text with English Translation by Ron B. Thomson.
  • Enhanced ePubs of works in the history of geology, prepared by Robert Cody. These electronic publications have been enhanced to work with e-reading and touch devices such as iPad.


  • The Events Calendar for the Department of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine includes colloquia, brown bags and special events held in the History of Science Collections.
  • 5th floor spaces calendar: Harlow Room, Exhibit Hall, Lobby, Gaylord Room (on the Harlow Room logistics page).
  • Use the Contact us – Visit page for directions or to schedule an event or class tour in the History of Science Collections.

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